Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks

As well as having many shipwrecks underwater around Plymouth, there are a large number of ships abandoned on the foreshore, often known as 'hulks'. This research is a collaboration between The SHIPS Project and C. John Cotton from his record of these hulks in the 1980s and our many contributors are acknowledged on the individual pages and photographs.

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Hulks in Plym area Hulks in Hooe Lake Hulks in the Yealm area Whitsand bay Hulks Forder hulks Hulks in the River Lynher

Hulk Map Areas

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Tamar 7 hulks River Tamar, River Tavy and Tamerton Lake areas, plus Calstock
Lynher 5 hulks Lynher River area
Forder 11 hulks Forder and Antony Passage areas
Hamoaze 10 hulks Lower Tamar, Hamoaze, Torpoint, Stonehouse, Millbay and Drakes Island areas
Plym 18 hulks River Plym, Cattewater, Cattedown and Oreston areas
Hooe Lake 21 hulks Hooe Lake ships graveyard
Whitsand 4 hulks Whitsand Bay, Freathy, Tregantle area
Yealm 3 hulks Andurn Point, River Yealm, Wembury and Newton Ferrers areas
Total 79 hulks

List of Hulk and Wreck Names

Name Location Description
Alfred Rooker Hooe Lake, West Ketch built in 1876 [not present, see notes]
Alice Hooe Lake, North Steamship, possibly the tug Alice
Amazon Hooe Lake, West Ketch built in 1866
Anje Pomphlett Lake French fishing boat built in 1968
Anna II Off Torpoint Ex-Belgian pilot boat built in 1950
Antelope Laira Brixham trawler built in 1906
Arthur Hooe Lake, East Timber lighter, date unknown
Bertie Hooe Lake, East Thames barge built in 1901
Bertie Hooe Lake, North Tamar barge built in 1883
Boy Eric Forder, under bridge Trawler, built 1921
Bulla Hooe Lake, West Jersey topsail schooner built in 1873
Cattedown 1 Cattedown Steel barge, unknown date
Chancellor Treninnow Beach Steam trawler built in 1901
Charles Leake II Hooe Lake, North 65ft Admirlaty MFV
Cornubia Hooe Lake, East Millbrook steam ferry [possible]
Coronella Hooe Lake, off Hooe Quay Ketch, unknown
Cretabode St John's Lake WW1 Concrete barge
Cruden Bay Carbeile Creek Wooden steam tug built in 1899
Daisy Freathy Steam coaster built in 1872
Dolphin Hooe Lake, North Schooner
Drakes Island Barge Drakes Island, South Unknown
Emma Christ Tregantle Beach Ex-Admiralty MFV then diving tender
Edwin Pomphlett Lake Tamar barge built in Cattedown in 1880
Harbour Launches Hooe Lake, East Two harbour launches built in 1947
Harry Herbert Sand Acre Bay Schooner, built in 1860
Hooe Boatyard Hooe Lake Collection of hulks
Hooe Lake 1 Hooe Lake, East Fishing boat
Hooe Lake 2 Hooe Lake, East Fibreglass boat
Hooe Lake 3 Hooe Lake, East Large vessel, possible schooner
Hooe Lake 4 Hooe Lake, East Possible Tamar barge
Hooe Lake 5 Hooe Lake, South Unknown
Hooe Lake 6 Hooe Lake, off Hooe Quay Unknown
Hopper Barge Torpoint Unknown timber hopper barge in the Ballast Pond
Laira 1 Laira Small steel boat, date unknown
Laira, others Laira Unknown vessels and remains at Laira
Laira Bridge 1 & 2 Laira Bridge Steel barge and Unknown
Landing Craft Forder WWII Landing craft damaged before D-Day
La Petite Stephanie Sutton Harbour Guernsey fishing boat built in 1956
Leader Hooe Lake Turnchapel pilot cutter built in 1867
Lord John Roberts Forder Sailing barge, built ~1900
Lotus Bleu Pomphlett French crabber / trawler built in 1967
Lynher Poldrissick, Refloated Tamar barge built in 1891
Lynher 1 Poldrissick Unknown
Maggie Annie Treluggan Ketch built in 1881
Maline Kingsmill Lake Danish fishing ketch built in 1912
Master Hand Torpoint Trawler, built in Rye in 1920
Merganser Hole's Hole Yacht, built in 1887
Mill Pond 1 Antony Passage mill pond Unknown
Millbay Pontoon Millbay Pontoon built by Brunel for Millbay Docks
Millom Castle Poldrissick Schooner built in 1870
NS660 and barge Sutton Harbour Unknown barges
Ocean Maid Laira Scottish fishing boat built in 1967
Oreston 1 & 2 Oreston, Bayly's Wharf Steel barges
Paris' Pinnace Sand Acre Bay Pinnace from the WWII French battleship Paris
Patrina Sutton Harbour Former RN steam pinnace
Pearl Hooe Lake, East Tamar barge built in 1840 [possible]
Picket Boat Antony Passage RN Picket boat, date unknown
Plym Cattedown Dredger broken up at Cattedown
Pomphlett 1 Pomphlett Lake Unknown fishing boat
Prince Rock 1 Laira Unknown timber vessel
Reine des Flots Carbeile Wharf French trawler used as the foundation for a wharf
Roger Hooe Lake, East Houseboat, ex-trawler built in 1947
Saltash Tamerton Lake Tamar barge launched in 1864
Sand Acre Bay 1 Sand Acre Bay Unknown, possibly a sailing barge
Stonehouse 1 Stonehouse Unknown hulk off Stonehouse
Swift Turnchapel Passenger ferry built in 1877
Tamerton 1 Tamerton Lake Unknown
Tamerton 2 Tamerton Lake Unknown
Target Barges Antony Passage Target barges, date unknown
Target Floats Sand Acre Bay Steel towed target floats
Tavy Sutton Harbour Smack built in 1889
Triumph Poldrissick Tamar barge built in Plymouth in 1899
Two Brothers Hooe Lake, East Dutch barge
Vectis Andurn Point Steamship launched in 1877
Wendew Hooe Lake, East Brixham trawler built in 1912
Whitsand 2 Tregantle Beach Unknown timber vessel
YMS-378 Stonehouse D-Day veteran minesweeper broken up at Stonehouse

Notes about people who undertook previous work on this subject can be found here.

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