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Shipwrecks and Maritime History in Plymouth, England

The City of Plymouth has a long maritime history that dates back to the arrival of the first humans in the South-West of England.  Since that time the waters of Plymouth Sound and the adjoining rivers have seen hundreds of maritime events, accidents and disasters; some witnessed and recorded but many more happened unseen and undocumented. 

Despite the passing of time the seabed and shoreline around Plymouth still contains evidence of these events. So the aim of the SHIPS Project is to record the maritime history of Plymouth by recording the remains of these events.

The main area of interest covers the whole of Plymouth Sound and the tidal reach of the rivers that flow in to it, stretching from Yealm Head to the east to Portwrinkle to the west, from Gunnislake to the north and south out to sea to the Eddystone lighthouse.

We have also included information about a few other interesting shipwrecks and finds that are close to this area.

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