SHIPS Project People

The SHIPS Project is a community enterprise that involves lots of enthusiastic volunteers and interns working alongside the ProMare team. These people below get a special mention for all their hard work:

Pete Bernardes

(Dive team 2012-2013)

Peter Bernardes has been snorkelling from an early age but started diving at university back in 1968, he joined BSAC in the same year, subsequently qualifying up to First Class Diver and National Instructor. After moving to Plymouth in 1978 to join the staff at Fort Bovisand, he continued diving adding further experiences and qualifications, becoming a Part 1 Diver and Offshore Supervisor along with a range of other specialist courses. During the early years at Bovisand he skippered MFV British Diver operating around the Channel Islands, Scillies Isles and the Cornish and Devon coasts. From there he moved onto teaching a comprehensive range of commercial and amateur diving courses. Leaving Bovisand in 1997 he continued teaching with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue on a wide range of maritime and commercial courses adding to the range of skills available. Now retired he can spend time doing many activities, including a lot of DIY, helping out with family as well as diving with ProMare. He enjoys collating information on dives to help build up the knowledge of wreck sites.

Adam Bush

(Research team 2012-2013)

Adam Bush has trained to Rescue Diver level in UK waters. Whilst at a dive club meeting, there was a talk given about the Liberty 70 Project, something he soon after became involved with. Adam started to complete NAS training is currently looking to complete Part 2 and 3 levels. Most of the work for the Liberty 70 Project has been documentary research including finding and transcribing the elusive secret log of the Liberty ship S.S. James Eagan Layne, a document that shed light on her wartime life and the exact route of her voyages. He continued to remain involved at a distance whilst away at university but returned after graduating with a BSc in Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation, with his dissertation looking into the evidential potential of submerged weapons. Adam is now conducting research and working as part of the SHIPS Project team.

Steve Fletcher

(Dive team 2012-2013)

Stephen Fletcher took up diving in March 2000 when he went on a trial dive whilst on holiday in the Caribbean. His second dive was on a wreck and from that moment on he knew that this was something he wanted to do more of. When he got back to the UK he signed up for a PADI course and has been an enthusiast ever since. Trained to PADI Divemaster/ Master Scuba Diver level, Stephen is also a member of BSAC and the Nautical Archeological Society. Whilst most of his diving has been done out of Plymouth in the UK he has dived in many places around the globe. He became interested in Nautical Archeology following a visit to the Plymouth Shipwreck Conference. Following on from attending the NAS Introduction to foreshore and underwater Archaeology, Stephen then went on to do the NAS part 1 course and now dives regularly with ProMare on the SHIPS Project. He has dived some of the worlds most well known wrecks including the Rhone in the Caribbean, Thistlegorm in the Red Sea, as well as various wrecks in the Indian Ocean, Truk Lagoon, Scapa Flow and those off the English South Coast. Lucky enough to have retired from his professional life early, Stephen is able to spend more time exploring wrecks than ever before.

Mallory Haas

(Research team 2010 - 2013)

Mallory got her start in archaeology as a high school student in 2001, working with teachers at Cuyahoga Community College Center for Community Studies (CCS). She enrolled and became a student intern where she helped to coordinate field and lab work with various high school programs. Her research with CCS at the John Brown Farm and Tannery in Pennsylvania resulted in the first annual Society for Anthropology in Community College, Outstanding Undergraduate Student Paper award. Mallory is currently continuing her studies at Cleveland State University and will graduate in 2012 with a B.A. in archaeology and a Certificate in GIS. In addition to her activities in terrestrial archaeology she has developed a keen interest in underwater archaeology. Mallory is a working member of Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE), having conducted historical research and exploratory dives on shipwreck sites in Lake Erie and has surveyed pier structures in Traverse Bay, Michigan for the NAS. She has done historical research and oral histories for the Liberty 70 Project’s US connection to New Orleans on the shipyard and the women who built the Liberty ships.  Mallory is a member of the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS), a board member for the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST), the Ohio Archaeological Council (OAC,) and the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA).

Derek Palmer

(Dive team 2012-2013)

Derek started diving in 1969 and because of his interest in photography has spent 40 years trying to take a good photo. Derek has also been interested in marine archaeology, spending a lot of time working on the Metta Catharina wreck with the project team as well as doing fieldwork with PMARIG on the Coronation wreck and other sites around Plymouth. Now a PADI Instructor, TDI Trimix diver and BSAC 3rd Class diver, Derek is part of the SHIPS Project team investigating shipwrecks in and around Plymouth.

Jack Poleykett

(Intern 2012)

Jack is an environmental consultant with a particular interest in sediment management and coastal and estuarine environments. Jack was involved with the Calstock project where he used geophysical survey techniques, GIS geospatial techniques and a novel particle tracking method from ParTrac to provide a report on the upper reaches of the Tamar Estuary. Jack had a great experience while working with the SHIPS project and ProMare and developed new skills and friendships. Jack is currently a PhD researcher with the University of Lancaster where he is developing the particle tracking methodology first used during the Calstock project.

Richard Rowley

(Intern 2012)

Richard grew up determined to become a diver and joined his university BSAC branch at his earliest opportunity. Coincidently, it was through University of London SAC that he first learned of the NAS. This offered Richard an ideal outlet to combine both his passion for the sea and his equally deep-rooted fascination with the past.

Richard had always particularly enjoyed wreck diving and the NAS enabled him to begin to interpret as well as to experience team diving project work. Through the NAS programme Richard became aware of ProMare and the opportunity to get involved with the SHIPS project via an internship. Richard was excited to have the opportunity to spend time as a ProMare intern, developing his skills as well as experiencing working within a project of considerable scope, all of which in an area where he had been regularly diving for several years.

Matt Taylor

(Intern 2012)

Matthew Taylor first dived in a pool at the age of 8 and never looked back.  Now at the age of 21 he has worked as a PADI Divemaster, moved over to BSAC and is currently President of the Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group (2012-2013).  Matthew's area of study is Engineering so it is little surprise that, although his interest in diving is wide and varied, he retains a special interest in wrecks and their history.  His greatest interest is in exploring new sites but also holds a special interest in wrecks from the First and Second World Wars.

Stew Wareing

(Intern 2012, Staff 2013)

Stew was a PADI instructor for 6 years working around the world, in 2011 he turned his keen interest in wrecks into an academic pursuit, studying Maritime Archaeology at Bristol University. His primary interests are Neolithic and Viking seafaring, but enjoys shipwrecks of any period when it involves diving.

Sophie Winton

(Intern 2012)

With the ocean and SCUBA diving in her blood, it was only natural that Sophie would choose to pursue a career that enabled her to spend as much time underwater as possible. After finishing a degree in archaeology at the University of Cape Town, Sophie attended a field school focused on maritime and underwater cultural heritage. This lit a spark and led to a job in South Africa’s heritage sector that allows Sophie to combine her passion for diving with her archaeological training. Spending a summer in Plymouth with ProMare as an intern has helped Sophie to further develop skills in maritime archaeology that, as well as being of great personal and professional benefit, are extremely useful to this field as it evolves in South Africa.

We would also like to thank:

Kate Atack, David Cormack, Sarah Goss, Ray Ives, Allen Murray, Dave Peake, Giles Richardson, Jon Roberts, Dom Robinson, Ali Roy

All the staff and divers at Sandford & Down, Aquanauts Dive Centre and InDeep Diving and Marine Services in Plymouth

The SHIPS Project is co-ordinated and managed by 3H Consulting Ltd.

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