Historic Shipwrecks around Plymouth

The map shows the historic shipwrecks near Plymouth, UK.

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Taxiarchos Ramscliff Cannon Site HMS Amethyst Catharina von Flensburg Astrea Millbay Cannon Site Cattewater Wreck

List of Shipwrecks

Name Description Date Location
Aagtekerke Dutch East Indiaman - Bovisand Bay
HMS Amethyst Royal Navy 5th Rate - Jennycliff
Astrea Dutch East Indiaman - Cattewater
Catharina von Flensburg Brigantine - Barn Pool
Cattewater Wreck Armed Merchantman - Cattewater
Coronation Royal Navy 2nd Rate - Penlee Point
Dutton English East Indiaman - Under Citadel
Flying Wolf Danish East Indiaman - Off Looe, Cornwall
Mewstone Cannon Site Armed Merchantman - Mewstone Ledge
Millbay Cannon Site Armed Merchantman - Millbay
Ramscliff Site Unknown - Ramscliff Point
Taxiarchos Brig 1843 Rame Head, wrecked

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