Latitude 50° 21.14N
Longitude 04° 09.03 W
Depth 0m
Accuracy Unknown, not found
Location Description Drake's Island
Reference NMR 876524
Craft type 3rd Rate
Date built 1758
Date of loss 26 Oct 1760
Manner of loss Bilged
Outcome Wrecked
Construction Wood
Propulsion Sail
Nationality United Kingdom
Departure port Plymouth
Destination port Devonport
Hull length 48.77m
Hull beam 13.72m
Hull displacement 1432 tons
Armament 68 Guns, GD 26 x 32, UD 28 x 18, QD 12 x 9, FC 2 x 9
Crew 520
Built Barnard & Turner, Harwich
Master Lloyd, William
Owners Royal Navy

(HMS) Conqueror

The 68 gun Temple Class Conqueror was built by Barnard and Turner, at Harwich, her keel was laid down in 1757 and she was launched on the 24th May 1758. The 1432 ton 3rd rate was commissioned upon her launch under Captain Robert Harland, costing £ to build with an extra £1,317.15.10d for fittings. Her career up to 1759 saw her posted in the Mediterranean, attacking frigates at Toulon and at the Battle of Lagos. In 1760 she was made part of the Western Squadron.

In Plymouth on 26th October 1760 the pilot, Henry Harris, boarded the Conqueror in order to bring her into the Hamoaze. With the tide running at half ebb at the wind at south-west they began to unmoor, as they attempted to do so the wind shifted south south-east. Soon after the Conqueror found herself about a mile from the south-east corner of the island, not far from Pilot Shoal. Harris ordered the foretopmast staysails to be hoisted, which then promptly broke, prompting Harris to hoist the jib. Before the jib could be hoisted the ship found herself into the wind once more, with this Harris ordered the mizen be hauled up. Seeing that the shore was close by the small bower anchor was let go. Harris claimed the Master then came on deck and ordered the sails to be filled and the cable cut. Harris protested claiming that in doing so the ship would soon be 'bodily ashore' if he did. The Master ignored Harris; according to his statement, and the ship fell broadside onto the rocks. The masts were cut away and guns of distress were fired. Upon hearing them Commisioner Frederick Rogers of the Devonport Dockyard sent all possible assistance from the yard.

Rogers noted that nothing could be done for the ship as she was bilged and stuck fast on the rocks. He then ordered that the men be taken off. The Master was left onboard with 'people of craft' help give all assistance possible, the stores were removed over the next few days before the vessel was stripped and abandoned as a wreck. The blame was placed on the ‘misconduct of the pilot'.

No evidence of ship’s timbers have been found in the area by divers, but large quantities of lead musket shot and lead sheathing have been recovered over the years. The SHIPS Project team have located hull fittings and other objects which are likely to have been left over from the salvage of the ship.


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Plans and lines for the Temple Class Conqueror (Source:NMM)